Undergraduate Curriculum

The Computer Science program is accessible to students with or without prior programming experience. CS@Mines allows you to choose your path with the following options:


CS@Mines Tracks


CS General

This curriculum allows students to tailor senior level electives toward personal and career interests in areas such as algorithmic robotics, applied algorithms and data structures, high performance computing, machine learning, networking, or security and privacy, graphics, or mobile and web development.


CS + Data Science

All fields are experiencing rapid growth in access to massive amounts of information. In partnership with the Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics, CS + Data Science retains the CS Core and focuses electives to help students analyze and make meaning of large amounts of data, resulting in smarter decision making, reduction in costs, and increased productivity. Data Science is an emerging discipline at the intersection of computer science and statistics, focusing on the extraction of knowledge from data.


CS + Computer Engineering

Advances in engineering revolve around automation, computerization, and digitization. In partnership with the Department of Electrical Engineering, CS + Computer Engineering retains the CS Core and focuses electives to help students identify the ways hardware and software concepts such as programming, digital circuit design, and embedded systems transform any tech field.


CS + Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Many disciplines of engineering focus on the physical creation and kinematics of robots and intelligent systems. In partnership with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, CS + Robotics and Intelligent Systems retains the CS Core and focuses electives to help students bring life to systems and give machines the ability to operate autonomously.



Certificate Programs



The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have designated Colorado School of Mines as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education through academic year 2021.  Mines students who complete the corresponding Cyber Defense Education requirements will receive an official certificate authorized by NSA and DHS.

Course requirements

Computer Science Core:

  • CSCI 406 Algorithms
  • CSCI 442 Operating Systems


Cybersecurity Electives:

  • CSCI 403 Database Management
  • CSCI 470 Intro to Machine Learning
  • CSCI 471 Computer Networks I
  • CSCI 474 Introduction to Cryptography
  • CSCI 475 Info Security & Privacy


A complete list of undergraduate courses can be found in the Computer Science Undergraduate Catalog by clicking on the “Courses” tab.