CS@Mines High School/Community College Interns


CS@Mines faculty invite community college students and high school students to apply for an unpaid internship in CS@Mines during Summer 2024. CS@Mines faculty have ~2-4 openings for academically talented community college students and/or high school students to participate in unpaid summer research internships with CS@Mines. We will also have ~30-50 Computing For the Good internships. DECtech internships are also available as part of this program. 



Applications for Summer 2024 internships will begin in February 2024. Students participating in the C4G program will be charged a nominal ($100) fee, but scholarships are available for eligible students. Participants will work over the course of 6 weeks on small teams with other high school interns led by a Mines undergraduate student. Students must have a reliable computer and internet access.

Who should apply?

  • Prior training in CS is not required.
  • Interest in learning CS is required!
  • Application deadline is 4.15.24
  • Register Here
  • Please visit CS@Mines C4G for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Zibo Wang, zibowang@mines.edu 



How many hours should interns expect to work? 
Interns should expect to work between 5-20 hours per week (average about 10).

When will students be notified if they have been accepted? 
Students will be notified in mid-April if they have been accepted to the program.

Is the program available both in-person & remote? 
Yes, there are remote and in-person options available.