Transfer Students

We look forward to welcoming you to CS@Mines!

Applying to transfer to CS@Mines

Students who have completed coursework at another college may apply for transfer to Mines. Please know that transfer admission is competitive. Applications for transfer to CS@Mines are handled by the Admissions Office.

Transfer Admissions Page

Transferring Credit to CS@Mines

Many courses taken at local community colleges are guaranteed to transfer to Mines. Other courses may transfer, subject to review by the registrar and department.

Transferring from Local Community Colleges

Colorado School of Mines has signed the Colorado Statewide Engineering Articulation Agreement that guarantees transfer of credit for certain courses taken at community colleges in Colorado. Mines has formal agreements with Red Rocks Community College, Front Range Community College, Pikes Peak Community College, Community College of Aurora, Arapahoe Community College, and Community College of Denver. Please know that if you have taken a course that is not part of an articulation agreement, it is NOT guaranteed to transfer but must be reviewed as described below.

The Registrar’s Office has created a transfer guide for interested students who are taking courses through a community college covered by an articulation agreement.

B.S. Computer Science Transfer Guide

The following flowchart provides a suggested curriculum to support transferring credit towards a CS@Mines degree.

CS Transfer Curriculum Flow Chart

The registrar maintains a list of courses with guaranteed transfer.

Transferring from Other Institutions

Credits not covered by an articulation agreement must be reviewed to determine if they are transferable. Requests for transfer credit are processed by the Registrar’s office. The registrar maintains a list of previously reviewed courses to advise students on what credits are transferable. For new courses not previously reviewed, the Registrar will:
1. Verify that the course is from an accredited institution;
2. and determine equivalent credit hours at Mines.
If the credits can be accepted for transfer, the department will review the course for equivalency.

The department evaluates transfer credit on an individual course basis under the following guidelines:
– The course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
– CS courses with at least 80% overlap with a CS@Mines course transfer as the corresponding Mines course.
– CS courses with less than 80% overlap but with a 400-level difficulty transfer as CS electives.
– CS courses with less than 80% overlap but with 100 to 300-level difficulty transfer as free electives.
– Non-CS courses of college level difficulty transfer as free electives.
– Non-college level courses do not transfer.

Until the course has been reviewed, the above guidelines are not a guarantee of acceptance of transfer.

CS@Mines maintains a list of Course Syllabi to help you self-assess equivalency with courses from other institutions.

Further information is available from the registrar.

Have more questions?

– The Registrar maintains an information page for transfer students: Preapproved Colorado Community College System (CCCS) Courses – Registrar (
– Official policies for transfer students are described in the university catalog. Undergraduate Information & Admissions Procedures
– The university offers advising sessions for prospective students: