Alumni & Supporters

Congratulations to our newest alumni!

CS@Mines celebrated its Spring 2020 (virtual!) commencement exercises with 29 graduate and 91 undergraduate students earning degrees. We are so proud of what our students have accomplished at Mines, and are excited to see how they apply what they’ve learned to the challenges facing society and the world!


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Make a Gift

Gifts to CS@Mines can easily be made online by cash, by a check made payable to Mines Foundation, or by pledge. In addition, you may be able to double or even triple your contribution to the department. Check with your or your spouse’s human resources office to determine how you can maximize your contribution to CS@Mines. 

Current CS@Mines Student Activities

Funch or Fike 

CS@Mines students have the opportunity to schedule a lunch or hike with a CS faculty member, where informal mentoring and non-CS conversations take place.

CS@Mines On Tour

CS@Mines On Tour is a K-12 and community college outreach “road show” that has reached ~7000 prospective CS@Mines students thus far. CS@Mines student teams visit classrooms to present fun, interactive, age-appropriate programs that illustrate the amazing opportunities that exist in computer science.

Computing Innovation Fairs

Students in several CSCI classes have the opportunity to showcase their final course projects at our Computing Innovation Fair at the end of each semester. The whole campus (and our C-MAPP partners) are invited to these events where dessert/drinks are served.

Diversity Efforts

CS@Mines has a number of programs to recruit and retain a diverse student population. For example, our DECtech STEM outreach program engages approximately 500 K-12 girls each year by introducing them to various subjects with an interactive and hands-on approach.

CS@Mines is able to support a number of efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student population thanks to funding from our generous donors. Ten years ago, the CS degree program at Mines had 157 majors, 17 women (10.8%), and 12 students from underrepresented groups (7.6%). As of Fall 2019, CS@Mines has 679 majors, 146 women (21.5%), and 132 students from underrepresented groups (20.2%, which is out of 654 due to “not reported”). Due to the transformation, CS@Mines was recognized in 2019 by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) for our work to increase the participation of women in computing. As the Grand Prize recipient, CS@Mines received $100,000 to continue our diversity efforts. 

Student Organizations

CS@Mines students are involved in a number of student organizations on campus, seven of which have a significant computing focus: ACM, ACM-W, cybersecurity, Linux, robotics, sports analytics, and blockchain. 

Hackathons/Programming Competitions

CS@Mines students travel around the world to participate in hackathons/ programming competitions, and our students often do quite well! Examples in 2018-19 academic year include: IEEE Robotics CompetitionFacebook Hackathon, and NSA Codebreaker Challenge

Research Honors

CS@Mines undergraduates have the opportunity to broaden their overall Mines experience with research and innovation, as well as explore computer science in more depth through scholarship. CS Research Honor students work closely with faculty members and their research teams.

Thank you to our donors!

We are very grateful to our donors, especially during this time of enrollment growth. CS@Mines is currently the fastest growing program at Mines with 80% growth in TWO years. In Fall 2019, we have 681 majors – up from 379 in 2017!! Donations received are used to support a variety of CS@Mines activities, which either provide our students with a distinctive experience or help us reach our diversity goals. Some of the activities that your donations are helping support are listed above. These activities provide our students with wonderful experiences and opportunities to engage with the larger computer science community at the regional, national, and international levels. The overall success of our student body is possible because of your continued support – thank you!