New Alumni


Congratulations to all of our Fall and Spring 2017 graduates! We are so proud of everyone and happy to have you as alumni!

We would like to recognize the following graduates:

Huan Wang

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, Fall 2017

Jack Rosenthal

Faculty Choice Award, Fall 2017

Tiffany Kalin

Outstanding Student Award in Computer Science, Fall 2017

Stephen Tracy

Outstanding Graduating Senior Senior, Spring 2017

Rachael Barnett

Faculty Choice Award, Spring 2017

Erikka Baker

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, Fall 2016

Daniel Mawhirter

Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, Fall 2016

Trevor Worth

Faculty Choice Award, Fall 2016


Featured Alumni

Fall 2017

Tiffany Kalin (B.S./M.S. May 2018) is a software engineer at Lockheed Martin in Littleton, Colorado. She will be a part of Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Leadership Development Program, the company’s rotational program for future technical leaders. Her first rotation will be working on a cross domain solution used in more than 500 locations around the world for defense and intelligence purposes. She writes, “My favorite thing about working at Lockheed Martin is the intersection of cybersecurity and software engineering and the daily challenges that come with it.”

Spring 2017

Rachael Skeath (B.S. May 2017) is an iOS Developer at POSSIBLE Mobile in Atlanta, Georgia, where she’s the lead developer on a tvOS app for Turner Sports.  Rachael writes, “Being a tech person in a client-facing role, I’m learning to reconcile client expectations with platform capabilities.  The two don’t always agree, so it’s my job to find a middle-ground that both meets the requirements and is technically achievable.”

Fall 2016

Trevor Worth (B.S. Dec. 2016) works at Trevor writes, “Working for has given me insight into customer-driven development. It is important to thinking about how a customer might use a product, so that we can provide a seamless experience to our users. Colorado School of Mines taught me so much about how to be a great engineer and my experience at is helping to refine these skills.”

Spring 2016

Colin Marshall (B.S. May 2016) works at Amazon for a team that manages products and inventory for dropship vendors; her first project was to ensure that the services are prepared to handle the increased traffic over the holidays.  She writes, “Operating at such a high scale can create complex problems, so I have learned a lot about making sure things work as efficiently as possible. Overall, working for Amazon has been a great experience.”

Fall 2015

Brandon Rodriguez (M.S. Dec. 2015) is a Software Engineer at Google in Boulder, Colorado working on Google Realtime API, which is a service for developers to create collaborative applications. Brandon writes, “The Realtime API allows developers to design custom Drive files. When a user edits the custom files, changes are propagated automatically to all users who are viewing the same document.”