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Master of Science Degree in Computer Science

The master's program is designed to prepare candidates for careers in industry or government or for further study at the PhD level. Following is a summary of the Master of Science Program with a specialty in Computer Science. Additional information on Graduate School Requirements can be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

Degree Options

MS Degree
The Master's of Science degree in Computer Science (Thesis or Non-Thesis option) requires 36 credit hours. Requirements for the thesis M.S. are 24 hours of coursework plus 12 hours of thesis credit leading to an acceptable Master's thesis. The non-thesis option consists of two tracks: a Project Track and a Coursework Track. Requirements for the Project Track are 30 hours of coursework plus 6 hours of project credit; requirements for the Coursework Track are 36 hours of coursework.

Combined BS+MS Degree
Students can also earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Master of Science (MS) degree simultaneously through the Combined Degree BS + MS degree

The following four core courses are required of all students. Students may choose elective courses from any CSCI graduate course offered by the Department. In addition, up to 6 credits of elective courses may be taken outside of CSCI. No more than 9 credits of 400-level course work may count toward graduate degree requirements (i.e., at most one 400-level course in addition to CSCI406 and CSCI442). Lastly, a maximum of 6 Independent Study course units can be used to fulfill degree requirements.

Required Courses

  • CSCI-406 Algorithms
  • CSCI-442 Operating Systems
  • CSCI-561 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
  • CSCI-564 Advanced Computer Architecture

M.S. Project Track

Students are required to take 6 credits of CSCI700 to fulfill the MS project requirement. (It is recommended that the 6 credits consist of two consecutive semesters of 3 credits each.) At most 6 hours of CSCI700 will be counted toward the Masters non-thesis degree. Deliverables include a report and a presentation to a committee of two EECS faculty including the Advisor (at least one committee member must be a CS faculty member). Deliverables must be successfully completed in the last semester in which the student registers for CSCI700. A student must receive two "pass" votes (i.e., a unanimous vote) to satisfy the project option.

M.S. Thesis Defense

At the conclusion of the M.S. (Thesis Option), the student will be required to make a formal presentation and defense of her/his thesis research. A student must "pass" this defense to earn an M.S. degree.

You may want to review the detail requirements in this sample timeline. For students in the combined program to complete the degree in five years, items listed in the sample timeline as 1st Semester and 2nd Semester should be completed during the senior year.

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