Human-Centered Robotics

The Human-Centered Robotics Lab is directed by Dr. Hao Zhang. Far beyond the boundary of traditional industrial robotics that often manipulates objects in dirty, dull, or dangerous tasks, human-centered robotics is a vision to address how robots can live among us, assist people, and take over tasks where our current society has shortcomings. Human-centered robotics may serve to increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of people, and has the potential to significantly improve the state of national health, education, safety and security, and the economy. This research area focuses on developing robot perception, learning and adaptation, decision-making, and human-robot teaming approaches that can be demonstrated on real human-centered robots.

Active Groups and Centers

Human-Centered Robotics Lab

Affiliated Faculty

Hao Zhang



Collaborators and Industry Members

Mine Rescue Training Center
West Metro Fire Rescue (WMFR) Training Center

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