High Performance Computing


Mines HPC (High Performance Computing) research group is directed by Dr. Bo Wu. The focus for this group lies in the broad field of compilers and programming systems, with an emphasis on program optimizations for heterogeneous computing and big data analytics. 

1) Emerging applications are not optimized enough to tap into the full potential of modern massively parallel machines. 
He aims at building a compilation and runtime system to efficiently support both regular and irregular applications on those machines by mitigating the memory and power bottlenecks. 

2) Due to the rapid increase of data volume, producing exact solutions for big data applications can be too time- and energy-consuming. 
Dr. Wu has been trying to build an optimization framework to systematically support approximate computing for big graph analytics. The goal is to produce a good enough analysis results with great resource and energy savings.

Approximate Big Graph Analytics

Affiliated Faculty

Bo Wu


National Science Foundation (NSF)


Collaborators and Industry Members

Prof. Xu Liu (College of William and Mary)
Prof. Xipeng Shen (North Carolina State University)
Prof. Kai Shen (Rochester University)
Dr. Dong Li (University of California)
Dr. Bin Ren (Pacific Northwest National Lab)

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