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Contact Need help or have questions? Contact: Lori Sisneros, Graduate Program Manager at or by phone at 303-273-3658
Degree Requirements Degree requirements can be found on the CS webpage under Graduate Program MS or PhD.
Graduate Student Listserve All current students are subscribed to the CS Graduate Student Listserve - Watch for important messages from Lori Sisneros and the department!
Mailboxes All enrolled graduate students have a mailbox in BB W350. 

Resources and Information

Academic CalendarPDF versionText only version The Academic CalendarPDF versionText only version provides important deadline information enforced by CSM.
Advisor and Thesis Committee Students must have an Advisor from the CS faculty to direct and monitor their academic plan, research, and independent studies. Advisors must be full-time permanent members of the faculty. A list of CS faculty by rank is available in the faculty section of the bulletin. Master of Science (thesis option) students in CS must have at least three members on their Thesis Committee; the Advisor and one other member must be permanent faculty in the CS Department. CS Ph.D. Thesis Committees must have at least four members; the Advisor/co-advisor and two additional members must be permanent faculty in the CS Department, and one member must be outside the departmental faculty and serving as chair of the committee. Students who choose to have a minor program must select a representative from the minor area of study to serve on the Thesis Committee.
Degree Audit and Admission to Candidacy Master students must complete the Degree Audit form by the posted deadline. Ph.D. students need to submit the Degree Audit form by the posted deadline and need to submit the Admission to Candidacy form two weeks prior to census day of the semester in which they want to be considered eligible for reduced registration.
Department Seminars CS graduate seminars are typically held on Thursdays at 4:00pm. Watch for email announcements. All graduate students are EXPECTED to attend graduate seminars hosted by the CS Department. 
Financial Aid In some cases CS will be able to provide financial aid for its full-time graduate students, in the form of a Teaching Assistant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA) appointment. The amount and financial aid conditions when applicable are clearly specified in your acceptance letter. Normally, financial aid is not offered to provisionally accepted students or non-thesis MS students. If a non-thesis MS student decides to switch to the thesis option, he or she may become eligible for financial aid.
Forms The Office of Graduate Studies creates and maintains graduate student forms. All forms need to be filled out electronically and then printed. Obtain appropriate signatures and submit to Lori Sisneros for Department Head signature.
Funded Student Requirements If you are a funded student on an RA or TA contract you must complete several university ethics and training requirements. See the funded students requirements document.
Graduate Catalog The Graduate Catalog provides academic policies and program requirements. This is an important resource for all students.
Independent Study A maximum of six credit hours of Independent Study can be applied to fulfill degree requirements. The Independent Study formPDF versionText only version requires student, faculty and Department Head signature. 
Mentoring The CS Faculty will host graduate student mentoring seminars/sessions to support graduate students throughout their academic studies. Look for email announcements!
Quick Reference Guide The Quick Reference Guide found on the Graduate Studies webpage is you one-stop location to obtaining information on registration requirements, grade requirements, transfer of credit, minor requirements, thesis requirements, graduation information, forms and more. Check it out! 
Registration Policy Please be sure you are following the registration policy outlined within the Graduate Bulletin. The registration policies documentPDF versionText only version provides a quick reference.
Time Limit As stipulated by the CSM Graduate School, a candidate for a Masters degree must complete all requirements for the degree within five years of the date of admission into the degree program. A candidate for a doctoral degree must complete all requirements for the degree within nine years of the date of admission into the degree program.
Transfer of Credit Graduate level courses taken at other universities for which a grade equivalent to a "B" or better was received will be considered for transfer credit with approval of the Advisor and/or Thesis Committee, and CS Department Head, as appropriate.  Transfer credits must not have been used as credit toward a Bachelor degree. For the M.S. degree, no more than nine credits may transfer. For the Ph.D. degree, up to 24 credit hours may be transferred. In lieu of transfer credit for individual courses, students who enter the Ph.D. program with a thesis-based master's degree from another institution may transfer up to 36 hours in recognition of the course work and research completed for that degree.
Tuition and Fees The current year tuition and fee schedulePDF versionText only version provides information on cost. Additional graduate cost of attendance information is found under Financial Aid
400-level courses Graduate students can apply 9 credits of 400-level courses toward their degree requirements. In order to register, you must email the Registrar at to have the pre-requisite requirement overridden. 



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